Get help if you’re struggling with bills

If you’re struggling financially or you’re worried about your energy bills, we’re here to help please get in touch as soon as you can.

What can I do?

Please know that we’ve supported lots of people in similar situations – and we can support you too.

Some of the ways we can help are here:

  • Together, we can agree a payment plan that suits your financial situation. Payment plans spread the cost of what’s owed over time, to help make it more manageable.
  • Our team can direct you to the relevant debt charity who can provide advice on energy debt and talk you through more support that’s available. This advice is free and independent.

Payment plans

How does a payment plan work?

A payment plan spreads the cost of your energy to make it more manageable. It’s tailored to your personal financial situation and consumption. If you want to find out about payment plans, give us a call on 0115 697 1153 – we’ll take you through what you need to do and ask you for some additional details.

What happens with a payment plan?

We will agree together a fixed amount to be paid to reduce your debt to be paid over a set period of time. The payments are expected on an agreed basis on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. It’s essential that you set the payment frequency to a time period suitable to the business to ensure you don’t miss any payments.

What happens if I can’t keep to the plan?

If your circumstances change and you’re struggling to manage the payments and your current consumption, please get in touch with our team, they are here to help you. We will try to find a solution and review your payment plan in line with what you can afford, and sign post you to additional support and energy saving tips.

It’s important to keep in touch if you’re having difficulty paying, you are at risk of being disconnected where you don’t keep up with payments.

Pay As You Go Meter

A Pay As You Go meter is like any other Pay As You Go device, where you pay before you use by topping up the meter as required, rather than paying a bill afterwards.

It can help to budget, clear debt, and ensure you don’t get bill shock through by receiving a large bill.

The energy might cost slightly more on Pay As You Go and these prices are variable, so they could go up and down in future. We’ll always give you plenty of notice where they’re going to change.

We only supply smart meter in Pay As You Go, enabling you to top up online.

Features of a Pay As You Go

  • £5 of emergency credit per meter to use if needed. This will need to be paid back when you top up.
  • We offer friendly hour supply where will never switch off your supply on the electric, where you have 1p on the meter at the cut off time. This will need to be paid back when you top up, in addition to any emergency credit.
  • Monday to Friday: 8pm and 10am
  • Friday – Monday:   8pm – 10am
  • In addition to the above all Bank holidays are covered until 10am the following day

Where the above has been utilised, it must be paid from the first top up following the usage.  Standing charge will also be taken dependant on the day.


  • If you’re repaying a debt through your meter, 20% of each vend will be taken towards paying off the debt.
  • Where you require electricity equipment such as a ventilator or refrigerated medication, this meter isn’t potentially right for you.

There’s further information available on the website for any further questions