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7 Benefits of Renewable Energy for Businesses 


In recent years, prompted by the threat of global warming, the movement towards renewable energy has been gaining traction. You may be noticing more wind turbines popping up on the horizon or solar panels appearing on rooftops, as businesses and homeowners look for new, clean ways to generate energy. According to the Department for Energy Security, 44.5% of the UK’s energy generation now comes from renewable sources, with this figure set to continue rising year-on-year.  

Many smaller businesses are beginning to realise the advantages of renewable energy for their business and are choosing to go green, either by opting for energy providers that offer renewable contracts, or by generating their own energy on-site. 

So, what are the benefits of renewable energy for businesses? Our guide takes you through all the ways you could help both your business and the planet, by switching to green energy. 

Understanding Renewable Energy

Before we can examine the benefits of renewable energy for businesses, we need to understand what exactly renewable energy involves. Simply put, renewable energy is energy from a source that is naturally occurring and is not depleted when used. The most common types of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass, with wind power being the most widely used method in the UK. These are seen as good alternatives to fossil fuels due to their replenishable nature and lack of emissions released into the atmosphere when used.  

A worms-eye view of sky scrapers reaching up into a blue sky, surrounded by trees, illustrating the benefits of renewable energy for businesses

7 Benefits of Renewable Energy for Businesses

Switching to renewable energy comes with a range of advantages, not just for the planet, but for your business, customers, and employees too. Here are just a few ways green energy may benefit your business. 

1. Reducing your businesses carbon footprint

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of renewable energy for businesses is the potential it has to reduce your carbon footprint, which contributes towards global warming. Energy usage is one of the largest contributors to a business’s carbon footprint and by changing the way you power your business; you can make a huge difference to the emissions you produce.  

All businesses have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint, and one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this is by switching your energy supply to renewable energy sources.  

three colleagues in a modern office discussing the benefits of renewable energy for businesses. The office has a wooden floor and lots of greenery around it.

2. Meet your CSR targets

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategy undertaken by businesses in order to ensure the running of their business does not negatively affect the community, environment or their employees. Though originally considered optional, CSR is becoming more widely accepted as an obligation for businesses. A large component of CSR focuses on environmental impact. By switching to a renewable energy plan, you can report reduced emissions and a responsible approach to energy management in any CSR reporting your business undertakes. 

3. More Stable Energy Costs

A key benefit of renewable energy for business is the potential for more stable energy costs. Unlike conventional fossil fuel energy sources, renewable energy often provides more predictable costs, protecting your business from volatility. This is because oil and gas prices can be affected greatly by international politics and by the cost involved in obtaining, transporting and storing fossil fuels.  

a business meeting about green energy sources taking place in a light and modern office setting

4. Boost your brand image and customer perception

An often-overlooked benefit of renewable energy for businesses is how it affects your customer and client’s perception of your overall brand. According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co, 60% of consumers now actively prioritise sustainable products and brands when deciding where to shop 

By switching to renewable energy to power your business, not only are you demonstrating your commitment to protecting the planet, but you are also appealing to a green-minded demographic of potential customers.  

5. Improve employee satisfaction and retention

When you adopt sustainable practices, such as switching to renewable energy, this can also have a positive impact on your employee satisfaction and retention. More people are now considering a company’s environmental impact when choosing where to work, with companies actively demonstrating sustainability initiatives being seen as more favourable. If a business takes sustainability and the planet’s wellbeing seriously by using renewable energy, they are considered more likely to also take employees wellbeing seriously, creating a positive work environment with employees working towards the common goal of sustainability 

wind turbines on a hillside with blue sky behind

6. Future-proof your business

It’s no secret that the threat of climate change is growing more prominent and that fossil fuel supplies are gradually depleting. In response, more governments around the globe are starting to set net zero targets, urging businesses and domestic users to consider going green. By switching to renewable energy, you are taking steps towards future-proofing your business, ensuring a long-term sustainable energy supply.  

Create your own energy

A great advantage of renewable energy for businesses is that you have the option of generating your own energy on-site. Though this will involve an initial investment to install the necessary infrastructure, the money you could save on your energy bills once you are up-and-running could pay for this over time.  

There is also the opportunity to generate a bonus stream of income if you are able to generate more energy than you use. For example, you could use your energy to power EV charge points that you charge customers to use, or even sell surplus energy back to the grid for a profit. 

Whilst generating your own renewable energy may be an attractive concept for many businesses, it is important to consider the practicality of doing this. For example, the initial cost may be a large chunk of a small businesses budget and you should be sure that your projected long-term savings will offset this cost, whilst also factoring in maintenance and repair costs.  

You may also find that the geographical location of your business could make generating your own energy challenging. For example, if you are based in a busy city centre, generating energy from a wind turbine may prove difficult, or if your business is based inside a larger building, you may not be able to install solar panels on the roof if you do not own the property.

a man in a blue apron thinks about the benefits of renewable energy for businesses whilst holding a crate of plants for his garden centre business

Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on going green!  

At Yü Energy, we offer 100% renewable REGO-backed energy, and carbon-neutral gas plans. If you’re not in a position to start generating your own energy, our green plans are a great alternative, allowing you to experience all the benefits of renewable energy for your business, without the hassle or associated cost of generating your own.  

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