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Renewable Energy For Businesses

Certified 100% renewable electricity AND CARBON NEUTRAL GAS

Know that your electricity is 100% green, and offset your gas carbon emissions. We’ve worked with trusted sourcing partners, to create green, sustainable energy plans, that help businesses meet their CSR goals. Easily invest in renewable energy for your business today.

Why Choose Yü Energy For Your Green Business Energy?

100% Pure Green Electricity

Know that your business electricity is 100% clean, generated by renewable sources

Rego Backed

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs) confirm your electricity is sourced from 100% renewable generation

Carbon Neutral Gas

Zero Carbon Emissions

Allows your business to report zero carbon emissions and support your CSR agenda

Benefits of Choosing A Sustainable Business Energy Plan

  • Renewable credentials show a positive commitment to sustainability.
  • Available as a Fixed Energy plan for 12, 24 and 36 months.
  • Backed by verified sustainability schemes, including the OFGEM administered REGO scheme, and Verra.



Our Green Electricity plans are REGO-backed, meaning you can relax, knowing you’re powering your business with clean, green energy.  

REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins) certify that our power comes from sustainable, renewable energy sources. A REGO backed electricity plan is a great way for your business to go green and help preserve the planet.

Green Energy Quote

Wind & Solar

Green energy generated by wind turbines and solar panels.

Geothermal & Hydrothermal

Renewable energy, generated within the Earth.

Biogasses & More!

Sustainable energy created by a variety of green sources.

Greener Gas

We work with our trusted partners to offset gas carbon emissions through their Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program. This popular program helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to the environment, by encouraging activities that lower emissions, improve people’s lives, and protect nature.

Sometimes it’s not possible for businesses or organisations to completely stop their emissions right away. So, by taking out a carbon offset renewable business energy plan through Yü Energy, businesses can invest in projects that help reduce emissions and make positive changes in communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Renewable energy is crucial for eco-conscious businesses, as it offers numerous benefits to both the environment and your company. By using renewable energy sources, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change. It also helps in achieving sustainability goals, enhancing brand reputation, and attracting environmentally-conscious customers.

There are several ways a business can use renewable energy. Here are a few options:

a) Install on-site renewable energy systems: Businesses can set up solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric systems on their premises to generate clean energy and offset their electricity consumption.

b) Purchase renewable business energy from a supplier: Many energy providers, including Yu Energy, offer green energy plans that allow businesses to purchase electricity generated from renewable sources. This option is convenient for businesses that don’t have the capacity to generate renewable energy on-site.

c) Participate in community or shared renewable projects: Businesses can join community solar or wind projects where multiple participants collectively invest in renewable energy infrastructure and share the benefits.

There are many benefits to using renewable energy for businesses, including:

a) Environmental advantages: Renewable energy sources produce little to no greenhouse gas emissions, helping to combat climate change and reduce air pollution. By using renewables, businesses can play a vital role in preserving the environment for future generations.

b) Cost savings: Renewable energy can help stabilise energy costs, protect against rising fossil fuel prices, and even generate revenue through feed-in tariffs or selling excess energy back to the grid.

c) Enhanced brand reputation: Businesses that prioritise renewable energy demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This can improve their brand reputation, attract environmentally-conscious customers, and differentiate them from competitors.

d) Regulatory compliance: With an increasing focus on carbon reduction and sustainability, many governments and regulatory bodies are implementing renewable energy targets and incentives. By adopting renewable energy, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory requirements and avoid potential penalties.

If you choose a renewable energy plan from an energy supplier like Yü Energy, the electricity is sourced from renewable generators and delivered to your business through the existing power grid. The supplier ensures that the energy supplied to your premises matches the amount of renewable energy you have contracted.

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