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Looking for carbon neutral business ideas that are easy to implement and help sustain the planet?
Our green business gas plans can help you achieve your CSR goals and work towards zero carbon emissions.


Take out a new carbon neutral gas plan with Yü Energy, and help support projects that protect the environment and help communities. The projects we support through our Green Gas Plans have already reduced or removed nearly one billion tons of carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere.

Certified Carbon Neutral Business Gas

Eager to reduce your business’ carbon emissions from gas? Our Green Business Gas Plan could be the answer.

By taking out a Green, Carbon Offset Gas plan, the carbon emissions associated with your gas consumption will be offset and invested in two of the most credible international schemes worldwide; Gold Standard (GS) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

We’ve selected a range of projects that we believe align with the business interests and values of our customers, including; reforestation, renewable energy and waste treatment projects, benefitting some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.

You could also get a financial incentive for new anaerobic digestion biomethane plants with The Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS). The scheme is open to applicants in England, Scotland and Wales for four years from 30 November 2021. For information on this scheme please visit Ofgem’s website or the Government website.

Choose Green Business Electricity too
Start your journey towards net zero carbon emissions across your entire business energy supply with  pure green electricity. Our 100% REGO backed electricity will boost your business CSR and sustainability goals.


Ideal to further CSR within your organisation. Choose carbon neutral gas and Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard projects across the globe.

Carbon Neutral Gas

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Support your CSR agenda and journey towards net zero carbon emissions

Plans To Suit You

Available as a Fixed Energy plan for 12, 24 and 36 months.


Greener gas to support your business sustainability strategy without breaking your budget.


We’ve selected projects across the world whose communities will benefit from us offsetting carbon emissions with our green business gas plans.

These projects will help create jobs, improve living conditions, build infrastructure, create organic fertiliser, provide electricity, reduce landfill and most importantly reduce CO2 emissions because of their existence. With goals set out by the UN and Government bodies, sustainability has risen up business agendas dramatically in recent years. Making greener business energy choices can significantly reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint, while boosting their CSR credentials. Your business can make choices that have a positive social and environmental impact, at a cost that is affordable for your organisation

We have 4 projects in 3 continents which each significantly contribute to net zero carbon goals. We can also provide Pure Green Electricity plans for your business.


The Amazon project saves carbon emissions by avoiding deforestation.


All harmful gases emitted from the Samsun landfill site are captured and converted to provide a sustainable source of electricity to the local grid improving the output of the site from 1.2 MW to 4.8 MW.


Situated on the Musi River, hydroelectricity plant will offer power to over 700,000 Indonesians.


The underground power plant utilises flows from a combination of glacial snow melt and monsoon rains for harnessing hydro power.

How Does Carbon Neutral Business Gas Work?

Wondering what to expect when you choose a Green Business Gas plan? Learn how we offset the carbon emissions from your business’ gas consumption.

Carbon Credits Reserved

A set volume of carbon offset certificates are reserved upfront, linked to specific internationally accredited VCS or Gold Standard schemes.

Offsets Purchased by Registries

You choose a green business gas plan and consume it as usual. A carbon neutral gas certificate of assurance is available on request.

Retire Carbon Offset Certificates

Carbon offset certificates are retired on behalf of Yü Energy equivalent to the level of carbon emitted from the amount of gas consumed.

Climate Protection Certificate Issued

Once a certificate is retired, we receive registry confirmation & climate protection certificate to confirm the carbon has been offset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Business Gas Plans are carbon-neutral gas plans offered to non-domestic consumers. They offset the carbon emissions associated with your business’ gas consumption by investing in credible international schemes like Gold Standard (GS) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects. These projects focus on reforestation, renewable energy, and waste treatment, benefiting both the environment and disadvantaged communities.

When you choose a Green Business Gas Plan, a set volume of carbon offset certificates is reserved upfront based on internationally accredited VCS or Gold Standard projects. These projects work to reduce or remove carbon emissions. As you consume gas as usual, Yü Energy purchases carbon offsets and retires them on your behalf, equivalent to the amount of carbon emitted from your gas consumption. Once the carbon offset certificates are retired, you receive a climate protection certificate confirming that the carbon emissions have been offset.

Green Business Gas Plans support a variety of projects across the globe. Some examples include the Amazon project in Brazil, which saves carbon emissions by preventing deforestation; the Samsun project in Turkey, which captures harmful gases from a landfill site to produce sustainable electricity; the Sumatra project in Indonesia, which generates hydroelectricity for over 700,000 people; and the Manali project in India, which harnesses hydro power from glacial snow melt and monsoon rains.

Yes! If you would like to take out a green electricity plan alongside your green gas plan, just visit our business energy quote page. If you are a small business, you will see the green electricity option when using our online quote tool. For large businesses, just select the green electricity option in our online form.