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Energy Solutions for the Automotive and Travel Industry


Level-up your automotive and travel business with innovative energy solutions from a specialist business energy supplier.


With many of the UKs essentials being transported and delivered by cars, trucks, and vans, and over 40 million vehicles on the road, it comes as no surprise that the automotive and travel industry is one of the largest energy consumers in the country. Whether you’re fixing vehicles, renting out cars, delivering cargo or running a transport system, we know how important it is to have a constant, reliable energy supply at all times.

Whilst some outgoings are unavoidable, at Yü, we make it our mission to help businesses like yours reduce their energy bills and work towards a healthier planet.

As a specialist business energy supplier, we work alongside businesses just like yours, offering quick quoting, expert customer service and fresh solutions for your utilities. We help businesses save money, time, and hassle, so you can get on the road to Yütility simplicity in no time.


Helping you reduce your emissions and cut costs is our priority. Whether you repair cars or rent them out, we’re here to take the pressure off sorting out your energy bills. We offer competitively low prices for your energy supply, so you never have to wonder if you’re getting a good deal.

Why not make managing your business energy even simpler, by taking out one of our multi fuel plans. By bringing all of your utilities together under one roof, you can keep track of them more easily and save yourself precious time.

Alongside supplying energy to businesses, we can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel costs with Yü Charge. Prepare for the future of sustainable, electric travel by installing EV chargers for your business.

Perhaps you’re interested in transitioning your fleet to EVs, or maybe you want to generate an extra stream of income by renting out your charge point to customers, no matter what your plans are, Yü Charge can help.

You can find out more about EV charger installation on the Yü Charge website.

If you think switching is the right move for you, our team of experts are here to help! Call us on 0115 975 8258 for more information or use our free online quote tool to find out how much you could save in as little as 30 seconds!

Energy and Utility Services for Automotive and Travel Businesses




All of our business electricity plans are tailor made to suit your business and come with competitive prices, simple billing systems and expert advice.

Whether you want to combine your utilities with a dual fuel plan or go 100% green, we can help you.

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Business Water


Did you know we also offer water plans alongside our gas and electricity? Get great rates on business water when you switch to Yü and keep things simple by having all your utilities in one place.

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We know how important a reliable gas supply is for the day-to-day running of your business. Our competitive commercial gas plans are designed to help you secure the best rates on the market for your gas supply. We also offer carbon neutral gas plans to help you go green.

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EV Charger Quote

EV Charging Points

Could going electric be your next move? With EVs growing in popularity, many automotive companies are making the switch with Yü Charge. We offer EV charge point installation for businesses wanting to elevate their transport with greener solutions.

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smart meters

Smart Meters

Our smart meters cut out the middleman, meaning you don’t have to take and submit manual meter readings to get accurate bills. With better visibility over your consumption, and real-time data sent straight to your supplier, smart meters are a great way to manage your energy.

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Green Energy

If you’re looking to cut your carbon emissions and go green, we have a sustainable business energy plan for you! Our green energy plans use 100% renewably sourced, REGO-backed electricity and carbon neutral gas, to help your business meet your CSR goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best and simplest ways for transport related businesses to lower their emissions is to switch to a green energy plan. You can see our full range of sustainable business energy plans here.

Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint, is to switch to electric vehicles. EVs come with no tailpipe CO2 emissions, meaning your day-to-day emissions could be significantly lowered, and you may even save money on fuel costs.

We offer EV charge point installation for businesses looking to make the switch.

At Yü, we offer competitive rates on all your utilities as well as tools such as smart meters to help you keep an eye on your usage. We also share lots of advice and energy saving tips over on our blog. Want to see how much you could save? Get an instant business energy quote now.

It doesn’t cost you anything to switch energy suppliers. However, you may be charged an ‘exit fee’ if you leave your supplier before your current contract ends. You can normally switch without incurring exit fees 90 days before your contract ends, but always check the terms and conditions of your current contract.

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