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Yü Energy welcomes Bristol Energy business customers

We’re delighted to welcome Bristol Energy business customers to Yü Energy following our acquisition of Bristol Energy’s B2B customer book.

Bristol Energy which is owned by Bristol City Council is a national gas and electricity company supplying around 4000 business meter points. Earlier this year Bristol City Council announced its intention to put Bristol Energy up for sale. An extensive review has been conducted to find the right B2B supplier to continue delivering an excellent business energy service for Bristol Energy customers whilst making a positive difference in the local community. We are pleased to announce that this process has now been successfully completed and Yü Energy will take forward the energy supply for all Bristol Energy business customers, including existing contracts with Bristol City Council, with immediate effect.

Bristol Energy customers will benefit from our unique multi-utility offer covering electricity, gas and water supply as well as solutions including electric vehicle charging stations, business smart meters and the choice of Renewable Business Energy Plans. Our multi-utility offer and commitment to customer service, is focused on delivering Yütility Simplicity, helping to save businesses time and money.

Bristol Energy has established relationships with a focussed and resilient business customer base in Bristol and the South West, the majority of which are essential sites that have continued to operate during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Bristol Energy has had a long-term focus on making a positive difference to the communities it operates in and supporting customers to power their business with greener energy. This will complement our drive to support businesses in their energy transition and prove beneficial in the deployment of lower carbon technologies.

Business can benefit from choosing our Renewable Business Energy Plans which provides 100% clean, green energy, traceable to source from Carno 2 wind farm in Wales, providing greater transparency and reassurance for customers looking to reduce their carbon impact. Yü Energy will support investment in local low carbon initiatives and social causes in the Bristol area, helping to meet Bristol City Council’s target of being carbon neutral 2030.

The acquisition increases our portfolio to over 13,000 meters, whilst ensuring continuity of supply and service for Bristol Energy’s customers. We’ll be working closely with Bristol Energy to ensure a smooth transition for Bristol Energy business customers over the next few weeks.

Bobby Kalar, Chief Executive of Yü Group PLC, said:
“I’m delighted to welcome Bristol Energy’s business customers to Yü Energy and look forward to maintaining a positive working relationship and continued high levels of service. I’m pleased that we have been able to retain existing B2B staff who will transition as part of the deal. The competitive tender process was conducted at a high level and I’m grateful to Bristol Energy and Ernst & Young for their professionalism throughout this process. Our objective over the coming days will be to successfully transition all of Bristol Energy customers onto the Yü Energy platform in a quick and transparent manner such that it minimises any disruption to the customers.

Allan Booth, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, commented:
“It was important that we found the right partner for our business energy customers whose values were consistent with those of Bristol Energy. Yü Energy has demonstrated its commitment to continue tackling social and environmental challenges such as climate change and supporting social causes for the benefit of our local community. Working together with the team at Yü, I am confident that we will provide a smooth transition for our business customers and staff.”

Bristol Energy customers, we look forward to working with you!

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