A Warm Welcome to our New Customers


8th November 2021

A Warm Welcome to our New Customers

Your Ampower Energy account has now moved to Yü Energy

As your previous energy supplier Ampower has now ceased trading, Ofgem have appointed Yü Energy to take over your energy supply.

There’s no need to worry. Your supply will remain uninterrupted, so your business will operate as usual.

There’s no need to contact us at this stage.

We will keep you updated each step of the way. In the meantime, you can check regular updates on this blog, or check our FAQ page for further details.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:

  • The team are working hard to make the transition of your energy supply as smooth as possible.
  • We’ll be in contact with you in the next few days to confirm your account details.
  • Please make a note of your current meter readings, we’ll be asking for these shortly.

8th November

We’ve received details of all Ampower customer accounts from Ofgem and have been busy setting up your new Yu Energy customer account; this process is progressing well.

Later today, we’ll be emailing all Ampower customers to introduce ourselves and provide some more details about what happens next.

9th November

We’ve now successfully loaded all Ampower customer accounts into our CRM system and we’ve kicked off the process of registering your change of supplier.

Yesterday evening, we sent out an initial welcome email to all  Ampower customers explaining what’s happening and where you can find more information. For any customers where we receive an email bounceback, we’ll be following up by phone and post to keep you informed.

We’re now busy preparing welcome packs which will provide you with the full details of your new Yü Energy account.

10th November

We emailed and texted all Ampower customers to request a meter read. This will ensure that your first Yü Energy bill is accurate. If you haven’t already provided a meter reading, you can submit a meter reading here.

15th November

All customers have now been sent their welcome packs, given details of their account number and the initial rates they’re on.

If customers would like to discuss how they can move their prices to a fixed rate contract, they can get in touch.

19th November

The Change of Supplier process to fully complete your move from Ampower to Yü Energy continues. We’ve been contacting Ampower business customers this week with details of the fixed rates they can move onto that provide lower prices and greater budget certainty than our variable Protect energy plan.

So far, we have successfully onboarded 97% of customers to Yü Energy and are working as fast as possible to get them up and running.

With wholesale energy prices increasing sharply again this week, we encourage you to act quickly and get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Customers should expect to receive further information about direct debit charges and their 1st bill in due course.

26th November

We have successfully received Direct Debit details from Ampower for those customers that previously paid on Direct Debit. We are now in the process of setting up Direct Debits for Ampower customers. Customers on Direct Debit received an email on Thursday outlining the steps we are taking and how this is progressing. There is nothing that customers paying by Direct Debit need to do; we will take care of this for you and your payments will continue as normal.

For customers paying by BACS, you will need to make a note of Yu Energy’s bank details for the payment of your first bill from us. We will be emailing you to provide these details shortly.

Business customers:

You can expect your first bill from us in early December to cover your November energy usage.

Please note any credit balances from Ampower will be included on the second bill you receive from us as Ampower haven’t finalised these credits yet.

Domestic customers:

Your account will be serviced with a monthly fixed Direct Debit and quarterly billing statement – you will receive your monthly Direct Debit schedule in due course.


3rd December

We are working very hard to get our non-domestic customers first bill out today. However, there may be a few delays, so please be patient while we continue to work diligently across all accounts.

All domestic customers are on a monthly fixed direct debit plan, with billing statements issued on a quarterly basis. Domestic customers will obtain their first quarterly bill on 1st February 2022.

Details of the fixed direct debit profile will be issued early next week.

6th December

We issued November bills for business customers on Friday 3rd December. This included an ETL charge and we have written to customers to explain what this is and how this is broken down.Your ETL charge covers the cost of your standing charge and energy consumption for your half hourly electricity account for the period 7th November to 15th November. For the remainder of the month, your bill shows a breakdown of your standing charge and energy usage.Having taken over your supply from Ampower on 7th November, the process of fully migrating your supply to Yü Energy takes a little time.

This was completed on 15th November. For this 8-day period we have to manually calculate your standing charge and energy usage for half hourly electricity customers; this is what is covered by your ETL charge. ETL stands for “external transfer load” and involves transferring the required data including consumption between the suppliers.

The kWh energy usage in this charge is provided to us by your meter operator.

4th February

We have now received confirmation from AMPower of the final account credit balances and we are in the process of applying these to customer accounts.

Next week we will write to customers with a credit balance to confirm the details of individual account credit balances.

For domestic customers – you should expect to receive a credit balance in full in March.

For business customers – we will be writing to you shortly to confirm the level of credit balance we’ll be honouring and the next steps you should take regarding the remainder of your credit balance (if applicable) in line with the process agreed with Ofgem when we were appointed as Supplier of Last Resort.

We’ll be writing to both our business and domestic customers next week to confirm the details of your credit balance, which will be applied to your March bill.


















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