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Hospitality Business Energy Plans

Relax, with Great Energy Deals for Hospitality Businesses

Let us take care of your utilities, so you can take care of your customers. We know every hospitality business is different, which is why we have a range of hospitality business energy plans, customised for your needs.

Manage energy use without compromising comfort

There’s no question that energy is one of the biggest spends for businesses in the hospitality sector. Did you know, the hospitality sector is estimated to spend £1.3 billion every year on energy bills alone? That’s why you need a supplier who understands how crucial your energy supply is, and works with you to create a solution that meets your needs and supports your growing business.

Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, pub, café or wedding venue; you’ll understand the struggle of reducing costs whilst creating the best customer experience. You need a reliable energy supplier to ensure your premises are kept at a comfortable temperature, your chefs can keep cooking, and there’s a constant supply of hot water to wash dishes and linens. You need a supplier that understands you.

Hospitality Business Energy Suppliers

As an energy supplier specialising in business utilities, we understand the complexities of balancing customer experience with costs and budgets. Hospitality is a varied sector, and energy needs are different for every business. That’s why we have multiple solutions and flexible plans to help you save money and focus on running your business.

We can help reduce costs and bring all your utilities into one place, with our multi-fuel plans covering gas, electricity and water. Or, if you’re looking to reduce consumption and create more sustainable practices, we can get you set up with our business energy analytics software – Yü Analytics, to define high-consumption periods and detect potential faults. Whatever your energy needs, we’re here to support your hospitality business to success.

Utility services for your hospitality business




We offer a wide range of electricity plans, so we can find a solution that fits your energy requirements. With our quick online quoting, you can get a price in seconds, meaning you can get back to caring for your customers.

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We understand the importance that gas plays in running day-to-day activities for your business. Rely on us to provide you with an energy plan that’ll help keep you and your customers satisfied.

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Business Water


Between washing linens, pouring drinks and running taps and showers, water consumption in the hospitality sector is huge. As well as supplying gas and electricity, we can fulfil your water needs by providing you with tailored solutions.

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Yü Analytics

Get timely reports on your energy usage and receive energy efficiency recommendations. Analytics also allows you to view your usage across your premises and can provide solutions to increase sustainability and reduce consumption.

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smart meters

Smart Meters

Take the hassle out of manually submitting meter reads with a smart meter. Automatically submit monthly meter reads with higher accuracy, subsequently saving you time and money.

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EV Charger Quote

EV Charging Points

Get your customers spending longer at your business and attract new customers, with EV charger installation. As the nation turns to greener travel, appeal to a wider customer base by allowing them to charge their EVs at your premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several business types that come under hospitality, including:

  • • Hotels and B&Bs
  • • Restaurants
  • • Cafes
  • • Pubs
  • • Bars
  • • Wedding and Event Venues

We cater to all areas of the hospitality industry. Get your free business energy quote online.

Switching has been made simple with Ofgem’s latest Faster switching project; you can now switch to Yü within 5 working days! Visit our Switch with Yü page here to find out more about switching.

Yes, you can get your gas, water and electricity needs under one contract with our Multi-Fuel plan, saving you time and money. Get in touch for a quote.

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