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Closing your Yü Energy account

We hate saying goodbye, but if you wish to leave us, we can help make your switch as easy as possible. You’ll find everything you need to know about closing your Yü Energy account here.

If you want to leave Yü Energy, all you need to do is sign up with another supplier.

The new supplier will let us know that you want to leave, we’ll support an easy transition within 21 days.  We may need to object to the account if this has an outstanding debt owing, should this be cleared then we can continue the transfer.

Your new supplier will ask you a meter reading(s), they will use this to open your account and they will provide these to us so that we can generate your final bill. This way, the same meter reading used to close your account will be used to open your account with your new supplier.

We’ll send your final bill within 6 weeks of you leaving us, please provide the meter reading to your new supplier, so you receive an accurate reading.

Until then, please do not cancel your Direct Debit with us, as we will use this to take your final payment. Once we’ve sent your final bill/statement, we will automatically debit any outstanding balance remaining on your account, before removing your bank details from our system.

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