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Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) FAQs

Ofgem has announced an energy price cap increase to £3,549 per year from 1 October 2022. Households across the country will see a rise in their average gas and electric tariff soar to up to 80%.

We know the amount of pressure this will put on the budgets of many of our customers. But the good news is- the Energy Bills Support Scheme is now available to help alleviate some of the cost.


What is the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS)?

The Government has announced the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBBS) for consumers. From 1st October, all households in Great Britain with a domestic connection are eligible for a £400 discount off their energy bills.


How will I receive payment?

Every household will get £400, which will be paid over six months from October to March.

The payments will be split into two £66 payments and four £67 payments. Here’s what it will look like:

Date Amount
October 2022 £66
November 2022 £66
December 2022 £67
January 2023 £67
February 2023 £67
March 2023 £67


If your electricity bills are less than £66/£67 a month, you will still get the same amount.

You can carry on using the discount to pay for your electricity after March 2023, until you use the full £400.


Do I need to apply?

No. The discount is automatically applied to every household.


How will I receive the money?

This depends on how you pay your energy bills and what kind of meter you have.

For Direct Debit customers- You will get an automatic deduction to the amount collected– like a refund – once your Direct Debit has been paid.

For standard credit, payment card and prepayment meter customers– Your discount will be applied to your energy account balance each month.


Do I have to pay it back?

No. The £400 is not a loan, therefore you will not be asked to pay it back.


Will there be any further support available?

Some households will be eligible for further support, in addition to the Energy Bill discount.

These discounts include:

  • £300 one off Pensioner Cost of Living Payment. Over 8 million pensioner households will be entitled to this.
  • £650 one- off Cost of Living Payment for roughly 8 million households who receive benefits.
  • £150 one-off Disability Cost of Living payment to around 6 million people across the UK who receive disability benefits.
  • £500 million increase of the Household Support Fund, which supports vulnerable households with cost of living essentials.


What other resources are available?

Keep up to date with the latest in energy news below:

Government policy- UK Parliament

Ofgem price updates- Ofgem

Grants and benefits- Citizens Advice

Have anymore questions?

If you’re struggling, or just need more information about your bills, do not hesitate to message the Yü Energy team. We’re here to help.

For further help and support, please contact our team on 0115 975 8258 or via LiveChat for the fastest response. Alternatively, raise a case here, using the relevant form.

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