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Energy Price Cap FAQs

Ofgem has announced an energy price cap increase for all domestic customers starting 1st October 2022. Because of this, the average gas and electric tariff will soar up to 80%.

We understand the potential strain this increase might have on some of our customers, but we are here to help.

Here’s some additional assistance you can get for your bills.


Your current tariff

You can find what your current rates are here

You are already on our cheapest tariff. We’ll let you know once a year if this changes.

Energy price cap saving assistance

You can save money on your energy bills by reducing your overall consumption.

Find out more about how to use your energy more efficiently here

For further advice on what support is available, you can check out our guide detailing the latest Energy Bills Support Scheme that will be rolled out to all domestic customers from 1st October.


Advice and Complaints

If you have any complaints or would like to discuss any changes, feel to free get in touch so we can assist you accordingly.

Read our Complaints Handling Policy for details on how to make a complaint.

Furthermore, if you’d like some free impartial energy advice, you can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS) on 0845 404 0506 or visit their website. Take a look at their guide Know your Rights in a Changing Energy Market, which contains key information for energy consumers.


Extra help and useful info

We want to make sure you are equipped with as much information about the energy price cap as possible. We have a number of special services available for those who require some extra assistance. 

If you, or someone living with you are: 

  • of pensionable age;
  • registered disabled, have long term ill-health or are medically dependent on your energy supply;
  • sight or hearing impaired 

Contact us to be added to our Priority Services Registerfor help and special services at no extra charge on 0115 975 8258 or

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