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Government Support Scheme: An Update From Yü

We recognise that the current energy crisis is having a significant impact on our customers and we welcome the government’s announcement that all businesses, large and small will benefit from government support on their energy bills from the 1st of October.

We are currently working closely with OFGEM and BEIS on the design and implementation of this support package for our existing and new customers and expect this to be announced publicly, shortly. We are aware that the current uncertainty around the eligibility for support is causing customers to delay contracting their energy in the fear that it may mean they are ineligible for the upcoming support.

We have a very high level of confidence that customers who have already contracted with us will benefit from the upcoming support package and to ensure customers are able to take this decision confidently, we will allow any customer who contracts with us prior to the announcement to terminate their contract early should they find that they are ineligible for the support as a consequence of contracting before the public announcement.

We hope that this will give customers and TPIs the confidence to make the right decisions for their business and customers during this unprecedented time.

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