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Growing With Yü: Dobbies Garden Centres Case Study

Dobbies Garden Centres and Yü Energy: Cultivating Success

With 77 stores across the UK, Dobbies is the UK’s leading garden centre retailer. They offer own-brand and branded products, concessions and services, with something for every style of garden outside and in.

Having joined Yü Energy six months ago, we spoke to Michael Berthon from Dobbies to find out how their experience with Yü Energy has been so far.

Dobbies Garden Centres and Yu Energy - garden centre energy supplier

Dedicated and Tailored Support

Prior to joining Yü, Dobbies were struggling with a lack of support from their energy supplier.

Michael told us; “We struggled to get timely responses to queries from our last supplier. This made it difficult to garner solutions to any problems we were having.”

As many businesses know, especially large and multi-site organisations, fast responses to any issues are paramount for ensuring business runs smoothly.

Since partnering with Yü Energy, Dobbies Garden Centres has experienced a significant improvement in their energy management processes. With our Major Business Senior Lead, Vilpa, serving as their dedicated point of contact at Yü Energy, Dobbies receives prompt and personalised support.

“We have Vilpa as our main contact at Yü, and she has been great at answering any questions we have and is always checking in with us to make sure everything is going smoothly and to see if they can help us any further.”

Vilpa and the teams’ proactive approach ensures that Dobbies’ queries are addressed swiftly, fostering a collaborative relationship built on trust and reliability.

Going Above and Beyond

At Yü Energy, we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer support, ensuring customers’ needs are met and demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

This high level of customer care has been noted by Michael, who told us:

“As a fast-paced and agile business, it’s essential that we get first-class customer support from our service providers. They’ve been really responsive, working hard to ensure our needs are consistently met, which is great.”

Case study: Dobbies Garden Centres and Yu ENergy. An image of Vilpa Lillie, Major Business Senior Lead at Yu Energy.

Looking Towards The Future

As Dobbies looks to the future, they envision their partnership with Yü Energy going “from strength to strength”. With comparable values, Dobbies is confident that their collaboration with Yü Energy will continue to drive positive outcomes for both organisations.

“Our experience with Yü has been a very positive one. They have their finger on the pulse in terms of our needs.”

Dobbies Garden Centres’ partnership with Yü Energy has seen many positive changes in their energy management processes, helping to drive operational efficiency. With Yü Energy’s steadfast support and dedication to customer satisfaction, we look forward to continuing to grow and develop this partnership.

About Dobbies Garden Centres

Dobbies is the UK’s leading garden centre retailer. With a history dating back to 1865, they have a passion and joy for gardens and plants. There are 3,800 colleagues and 77 stores, including 6 little dobbies.

They also have welcoming restaurants and cafes, and a year-round programme of events.

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