Powering Bright Futures Through Education

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12th September 2018

Powering Bright Futures Through Education

This large public sector educational user needed a new electricity contract for a single site with an annual consumption of 4.5GWh.


It’s a pleasure to work with this leading university. Whilst being ranked among the top 100 universities globally, they’re a member of the prestigious Russell Group as well as being home to some remarkable alumni. For this client we needed an approach that would satisfy the needs of a large public sector educational user for whom a competitive price was particularly important.


We were able to meet their needs for competitive rates; which combined with our ability to provide excellent customer service met their needs perfectly and meant that our offering stood out amongst our competitors, providing them with an obvious choice.


A crucial factor in their businesses decision criteria was our reputation as one of the fastest growing UK business energy suppliers. We look forward to our continued work with this establishment in the future.

“This case study is a great example of Yü Energy’s ability to meet the needs of public sector clients.  We hope that this client example will help lead to bright new ventures in the future as our brand becomes both increasingly recognised and respected throughout the commercial energy industry”.

-Patricia, Head of Sales at Yü Energy.


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