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FAQs: Smart Meters For Businesses

There’s lots of information around about the latest smart meters, and how they can benefit our homes, but what about smart meters for businesses? We’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions, put them to our inhouse experts, and created an informative blog to help you navigate the new world of smart metering.

How are smart meters for businesses different from a traditional meters?


Traditional meters simply measure energy usage in homes and businesses. It is then up to you to send your meter readings to your supplier, either contacting them directly or through an online portal. They then give you the final figure on your bill.

However, a smart meter is a more sophisticated way to measure your energy consumption.

Smart meters for businesses are installed the same way as regular meters, but they automatically submit meter readings for you, saving you more time to tend to your business. The automated readings are more accurate, eventually bringing an end to estimated billing. In the long run, a smart meter has proven to be the cheaper option for businesses.

We provide businesses with the latest generation- SMETS2.

What is a SMETS2 meter?


SMETS refers to Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification. We currently offer the latest generation of SMETS on the market – SMETS2.

SMETS2 can be used for both electricity and gas, and it handles two way communication with a central Data Communication Company, meaning it is not fixed to a single utility supplier.

So if you want to switch suppliers, you will not lose all your smart meter features. The same meter can even be remotely set to operate either as a credit meter or a pre-payment meter.

Why should I make the switch to a SMETS2 meter?


According to Ofgem, smart meters are central to cleaner, more flexible energy system which is why they’ve been recommended to all businesses.

A smart meter allows you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business. They do all the hard work by submitting accurate readings for you, so you only pay for the energy you use. SMETS2 also provide businesses with relevant data so you can better understand your energy consumption.

Also, having a prepaid option allows for customers to keep on track and better manage their energy bills.

What are Yü Energy’s Smart Tariffs?


Most of our tariffs are now smart meter mandatory. This is because the installation of a SMETS2 meter will allow Yü Energy to offer our best prices, due to increased insights into consumption. Prices for our Smart tariff will be applied from your supply start date until the end of your contract, provided you have a business smart meter or get one installed.

How much will the installation cost me?


We offer free upgrades and installations for all of our current customers. We also offer free installations for all new customers when they take out a Yü Energy contract.

When can I have a business smart meter installed?


If you’re interested in getting a business smart meter installed, and you currently have a Yü Energy tariff, you can call our smart meter team on 03300415911.

If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to get a quote first. You can do this by visiting our business energy quote page.

One of our team will arrange a convenient time to come and install your new business smart meter. Your engineer will notify you when they are on their way on the day of installation. Please ensure that a responsible adult (18+) is present, that the engineer has access to your premises and that your existing meter is accessible. We will need to switch off your electricity for a brief time, but this will last no more than 30 minutes.

Can my business still have a smart meter if I’m on a prepayment plan?


Yes, our prepayment option is perfect for customers who want to effectively manage their energy usage. Speak to us for more information on pre-payment smart meters.

When can I get a SMETS2?


For more information on installing smart meters for businesses or to see if you are eligible, contact us today or visit our business smart meter page.

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