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Moving Premises

We recognise how stressful moving premises can be for businesses and that’s why we’re here to help.


Moving out:

To make the switch-over of your gas and electricity as hassle-free as possible, please let us know if you’re moving premises as soon as possible.

You will need complete our change of tenancy form

In order to provide you with an accurate final bill, as well as to provide you with a refund if required, please take a final meter reading on the day you move and provide us with your new business address for the bill to be sent to.

Moving in:

Whenever you move into new business premises, the existing energy supplier for that property will automatically place you on their Deemed rate. This plan often doesn’t have the best rates for your business and could end up costing you greatly.

To save your business both money and time, get a quote for our bespoke energy plans for your business electricity or gas on our instant quote platform

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