Water Management Solutions

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12th September 2018

Water Management Solutions

Switching water services is not the end of the story when it comes to Yü Energy helping you control your water utilities charges.

We offer a wide range of Water Management Solutions that will enable you to reduce water charges further, manage your environmental impacts and engineer your future water and wastewater solutions.

Our Water Management Solutions enable you to receive:

  • Lower water charges
  • Increased water efficiency
  • Lower operational expenditure
  • Improved environmental compliance

Water Facilities Management

We recognise that managing both water and wastewater services as well as costs are not always the core focus of a large business. However, their impact on site operations and output can be significant if they are not effectively managed.

We can provide a range of water management services through a novel shared savings scheme or on a straight-forward consultancy basis to deliver:

  • Bill validation Our experts will review your regular water charges to ensure that they are correct and approved for payment
  • Bill auditing Where water charges are incorrect or could be amended, then we will arrange for accounts to be altered to obtain any refunds or ongoing savings
  • Consumption monitoring We can continuously monitor your water use or effluent production through installing strategic Smart Metering and an online platform that will profile patterns of use, benchmark sites (intra-company or across business sectors), spot abnormal events and flag alarms for preventative and reactive maintenance, plus identify efficiency targets to program into our contract.
  • Water efficiency services Reducing water use or effluent production is delivered through expert site surveys to identify opportunities where our input would be cost effective. Our site teams then carry out leak detection and repair work, install water efficient devices to washroom and domestic environments, but also complex remedial work to ensure that water and wastewater treatment plants are once again operating effectively.

Our shared savings scheme can deliver these benefits at no additional cost for many customers.

Wastewater Treatment & Hygiene Services

The protection of employee and visitor health, plus the operation of key FM assets relies on an effective management system to control water quality on site.

Yü Energy delivers that effective management system through auditing, monitoring and ongoing maintenance of water supply systems and associated assets, giving you the assurance that plants, such as boilers and cooling towers, are operating efficiently and that site water networks are compliant with Water Regulations and code of practice for the control of Legionella.

Environmental Management Services

For certain customers, such as engineering, paper manufacturing and food & drink businesses, the use of water and its operational impact on the environment may need managing, to minimise costs and also achieve compliance with various regulations.

Yü Energy deliver effective environmental management services, based on expert experience and understanding of technical environmental compliance issues, manufacturing processes and the costs involved in meeting compliance:

  • Trade effluent consent management
  • Environmental permitting and discharge licensing
  • Abstraction licensing
  • Environmental management systems

Water and Wastewater Treatment Services

The need to ensure existing water and wastewater processes are functioning efficiently may require significant maintenance expenditure or even total replacement to ensure that core business services are not restricted.

  • Yü Energy can assess whether there is any strategic risk to a business through a restricted or unsustainable water supply
  • Exploit new locally available water resources to provide a cheaper and sustainable water supply
  • Assessing existing water and wastewater treatment assets’ efficiency
  • Maintain or overhaul related plant and processes
  • Design, build and operate new treatment systems
  • We can also provide the financing of water and wastewater related capital schemes

Water Management Solutions

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