You could save up to 40% when you switch your commercial water supplier to Yü Energy. If your business consumes large amounts of water every year, you could make significant savings when switching your commercial water supplier.

Trustworthy, Reliable Commercial Water Supplier

Since 2017, businesses in England, regardless of size, have been able to choose their commercial water and wastewater retailer.

Not only does that open businesses up to make great savings, it also provides an opportunity to streamline your supply of commercial water and energy supply in one place. Tailored to your specific business water needs, across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Take control of your commercial water supplier today.

We’re helping more and more businesses change their water provider, our customers are making saving up to 40% when they make the switch of their commercial water supplier.

If you’re looking to also switch your commercial gas or electricity supply, then why not chat to us about that as well. You may qualify for our Multi-Fuel Discount as Yü Energy will be supplying two or more utilities for your business.

You could get a quote and switch your commercial water supplier in just minutes. Start saving your business money today!


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Commercial Water Services

We offer simple, transparent commercial water plans that reflects the current wholesale price plus a fixed service fee. Available to businesses in England, supplied with water (annual usage over 5,000 cubic metres) and sewerage services from an existing water retail company. Available to businesses in Wales, who use more than 50,000 cubic metres per year (only the water supply can be switched).


Supplying clean and safe water to businesses.


Removing and treating used water, provided as standard in your water plan.


Safe and compliant management of trade effluent, protecting sewerage systems and the wider environment.