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Go Green with Sustainable Business Resources

Free downloads, tips, and advice to help you go green

Are sustainable business practices the next thing to tackle on your list? With ESG and CSR becoming a huge focus for businesses, many are looking for sustainable business ideas to stay ahead of the game. Our range of business and sustainability resources will help you navigate the path to Net Zero.

Sustainable Business

Why is sustainability important in business?

Sustainability in business is becoming increasingly important as we all look to do our part for the environment, use fewer resources, and future-proof our practices. But it’s also smart business. Showing that you care about sustainability can boost your brand’s reputation, attract customers who care about the planet, and even save you money in the long run. It’s about keeping up with what people expect from businesses today whilst setting yourself up for success in the long haul. And with many businesses needing to report on sustainability initiatives to comply with ESG and CSR regulations, introducing sustainable solutions for your business is only going to become more important.

Sustainability in business examples

There are lots of ways businesses can be sustainable, and it’s important to consider what will have the most impact for your business, as well as those quick-wins that can get you started on the path to net zero.

Some key examples include:

Free business sustainability resources

sustainable business resources: a mac showing the yu energy energy healthcheck tool

Energy Healthcheck Tool

Find out how your energy consumption stacks up against others in your industry with our free energy healthcheck tool.

sustainable business resources: energy audit checklist

Downloadable Energy Audit Checklist

Start your sustainability journey by conducting a comprehensive business energy audit, made easy with our free business energy audit checklist.

pathe to net zero for businesses

Free Net Zero eBook

Get insights, tips, and advice on the pathway to net zero with our free eBook. Full of actionable content, our guide will support your switch to sustainable business practices.

Free Energy Saving Poster For Schools

Set a new generation up for a greener future with our free energy saving poster for schools.

inforgraphic showing net zero for businesses infographic

Pathway to Net Zero Infographic

Prefer a more visual approach to learning about business sustainability? Download our free Net Zero infographic, perfect for sharing with your team.


Green energy for businesses

Switch to renewable energy in no time, with our green energy plans. Whether it’s our 100% renewable electricity plan, or our carbon-offset gas plan, you can power your business with clean energy that won’t cost the Earth.

Sustainable business ideas

Check out our range of sustainable business guides to help you create a greener future for your business.

Creating a sustainable business model

Ready to make your business more sustainable? We’re here to help every step of the way. Our green energy plans, energy health checks, and free resources are all designed to help you use less energy, save money, and be more eco-friendly. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can support your net zero journey.