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Electric Vehicle Charging Points For Businesses


EV Charging Points for Business

Travel shouldn’t cost the earth, so join the growing network of smart, intelligent charging stations and drive into a sustainable future.

As more drivers realise the benefits of electric cars, your business can attract and retain new customers by providing electric vehicle charging points. Installing charging points can increase customer dwell time, improve your sustainability rating and create a new revenue stream.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Easy to use, fast charging and expertly installed

Smart Reporting

Manage your charging points and monitor your usage

Charging Point App

Locate and use EV charging points on the wider network

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The Benefits of Installing Electric Car Charging Points For Your Business

Build your local presence when you install electric car charging points at your business. 

With many people making the switch to electric, installing electric car charging points could be beneficial for your business.

Put Your Business on the Map

Installing electric car charging points could help your business grow, as you’re giving people another reason to visit you. And with the UK set to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 – what better time to get involved!

Encourage Customers to Stay Longer

As customers charge their vehicles, they will be inclined to spend longer at your business – browsing your shop, eating at your restaurant, or working out at your gym.

Extra Revenue Stream

Hire out your electric car charging points to the public outside of business ours, and create a new revenue stream for your business.

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Differentiate your business

With either destination or workplace electric vehicle charging

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Destination Charging

Enable customers to power up while visiting you and discover how this can benefit your business.

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Workplace Charging

Give your team and business fleet the power to charge up their electric vehicles at work.

What you get

Dedicated Account Manager

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Build A local presence

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Destination Charging

Enable customers to power up while visiting you and discover how this can benefit your business.

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Workplace Charging

Give your team and business fleet the power to charge up their electric vehicles at work.

How can EV charging points support your business goals?

If you’re in a central location, there are so many reasons why offering EV charging could be a good move for you.

Charging for your customers and community

EV drivers like to charge at places they can visit, especially if they are there for short periods of time.

  • Create more reasons for people to visit your business
  • Attract more visitors and customers
  • Future proof your business – join the growing infrastructure of EV charging points
  • Improve your brand proposition by clearly highlighting your green environmental credentials

Charging for your people

Businesses, organisations, charities, and local authorities can apply to have charging stations installed at their premises through the Workplace Charging Scheme.

  • Give candidates another reason to work for you
  • Save on your fleet costs and reduce emissions by going electric
  • Show that you’re a responsible employer
  • Improve your CSR and sustainability rating
  • Easily manage fleet and employee usage through smart reporting and apps

Getting You Charged Up

Wondering what to expect when you work with us? We’ll provide technical expertise and support to get your electric vehicle plans on the road.


Getting Started

Get your free, no obligation, EV charging point installation quote. Just provide us with a few details to get started.


Your Consultation

We’ll get in touch with you to understand your needs further and discuss pricing, recommendations and project plan for your site. View our EV Charging Guide for more information to get started.


Your Proposal

We’ll present you with options based on your individual site requirements and offer you an install and supply contract.


Your Installation

Our expert team will be on hand throughout the installation of your EV charging points.


Your Energy Supply

Alongside your installation, your energy supply will be ready to charge up your business and visitors


Support and Management

On-site warranty, on going charge point management and customer support.

EV Charging

Making the most of electric vehicle charging for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an electric vehicle charging point depends on the specification, with the speed of your charger being a big factor in cost.

For your free, no obligation quote, head over to the Yü Charge website.

Yes, but be mindful that you’ll need a little more space to accommodate the EV chargers.

EV spaces must comply with the following:

  • • There needs to be 1.2 meters between every two spaces for a charge point
  • • The minimum length of an EV space is 18 feet (5486 mm)
  • • The minimum width is 9 feet (2743 mm)

Currently, the government has several grants available for businesses, landlords, homeowners, or tenants. If you’re eligible you can get either £350 or 75% off the cost to purchase and install an EV charge point, whichever amount is lower.

Head over to our eligibility checker to check if you’re eligible for an EV charging grant.

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