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Energy Suppliers for Retail Businesses

Get Back to Growing Your Retail Business, With Quick and Simple Energy Solutions

The retail sector is high on the list of time-demanding industries. With customers to serve throughout the day, stock to manage, and shop floors to organize, it’s hard to find time to dedicate to sourcing the right energy supplier. That’s why we aim to make things simple, with instant online quoting, and efficient solutions, that give you time back to focus on your business.

Concentrate on What Matters – Your Customers

Whether you own a corner shop, supermarket, department store, or boutique; we understand that providing a great experience for your customers is your main focus. Many retail companies have concerns about the reliability and stability of their energy supply, especially during peak demand times. Power cuts or disruption to supply can quickly lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. Customers might not remember everything about their visit to your store, but what they do remember is how they felt being there.

At Yü Energy, we focus on providing reliable energy supply, competitive rates, and quick, tailored quotes, to help retail companies overcome these challenges. With a commitment to providing high-quality customer service, businesses can trust that their energy needs are in good hands. Whether it’s helping to manage energy costs, ensuring a stable energy supply, or guiding you through your journey with us, Yu Energy is the ideal partner for UK retail companies looking to optimize their energy usage and stay ahead in a competitive industry. And with our online quote tool, you can switch to Yü in just a few clicks, giving you time back to spend with your customers.

Time Saving Energy Solutions for Retail Businesses

Keeping up with customer demand whilst shuffling through the back-end struggles of costs and budget, is a norm for retail businesses. That’s why Yü Energy is dedicated to helping retail businesses save time and streamline their energy management processes.

Our quick business energy quotes through our simple online quote tool make it easy for retail businesses to compare energy plans and get a quote in just a few minutes.

With our multi-fuel plan, businesses can save time and hassle by having all their energy bills in one place, instead of dealing with multiple suppliers.

And our Business Smart Meters can save retail businesses time by eliminating the need for manual meter readings and allowing them to make more informed decisions about their energy usage and costs.

By providing fast and efficient energy solutions, Yü Energy helps retail businesses focus on what they do best – serving their customers and growing their businesses.


How can Yü Energy Help?



Yü Energy provides reliable and affordable electricity solutions for your shop or retail business. With competitive rates and flexible plans, retail businesses can control their energy costs and be confident in their energy supply.

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We know the importance of a stable gas supply for your retail business. We provide competitive prices and an energy supply you can trust. Get in touch with our expert team, and we can help find the right solution for you.

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Business Water


Alongside electricity and gas, did you know we can also supply water to your businesses? You can benefit from having all your utilities in one place, by taking out one of our water plans or combining your utilities into one multi-fuel plan.

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I Want A Quote

Online Portal

We want to make energy management simple, so with our online customer portal, you’ll be able to submit meter reads online, check your account history and make payments anywhere, anytime. Manage your energy at your convenience.

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smart meters

Smart Meters

Smart meters help retail businesses monitor their energy usage, making it easier to control costs and reduce waste. Our smart meter technology provides real-time data, and sends meter readings automatically, saving you time and money.

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EV Charger Quote

EV Charging Points

We offer electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for retail businesses, helping you meet the increasing demand for EV charging and support the transition to a more sustainable future. Our team of experts can help find the best EV charging solutions for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We support a wide range of retail businesses, including convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, corner stores, boutiques, gift shops and fashion outlets. Get your free business energy quote online now.

Yes! We have Renewable Business Energy Plans available for your business’ gas and electricity needs. We also offer EV chargepoint installation and Business Smart Meter Installations, to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

With Ofgem’s faster-switching project, you can switch to Yü within 5 working days. Get a Business Energy Quote, pick your plan, and we’ll take care of the rest!

A third of all energy used in retail businesses goes on heating, whilst a quarter of energy is used for refrigeration and a quarter goes on lighting. Retail businesses can reduce their energy consumption by investing in insulation solutions, switching to led lightbulbs, and installing sensors on lights in staff and stock rooms.

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