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Gas Emergencies

Smell Gas or Need to Report a Gas Explosion or Fire? 

Stay calm, you’re in safe hands. Here’s what to do if you can smell gas or are concerned by any gas-safety related matter. 

Call the National Gas Service on 0800 111 999 immediately. 

There are a few measures that you can take to help the situation. 


  • Turn off the gas supply at the valve unless the meter is in the basement or cellar 
  • Extinguish all naked flames such as candles 
  • If you smell gas, evacuate immediately  
  • Ventilate rooms by opening all windows and doors 


  • Turn on any electrical switches 
  • Use any form of naked flame which could ignite the gas, such as: gas hob, smoking, striking any matches 

The type of information that the emergency gas service may require will include: 

  • Site address 
  • How many people are at the site 
  • Where you can smell the gas 
  • Your name and contact number 
  • Any other circumstances or access details to the site 

For immediate emergencies please contact 999, however, 999 should ONLY be contacted if: 

  • There’s an immediate danger 
  • Someone needs immediate emergency care  
  • A crime is taking place or about to happen 

For non-emergency enquiries, including advice in severe weather conditions or flooding, please call your relevant Gas DNO. (Distribution Network Operator)  

Network Operators by area: 

  • North East and North Yorkshire – Northern Gas Networks:
    0800 040 7766,, Twitter @NGNgas. 
  • North West, Midlands, East of England and North London –
    Cadent: 0845 835 1111,, Twitter @CadentGasLtd. 
  • Scotland – SGN:
    0800 912 1700,, Twitter @SGNgas. 
  • South/South East of England – SGN:
    0800 912 1700,, Twitter @SGNgas. 
  • Wales and the West Country – Wales & West Utilities:
    0800 912 2999,, Twitter @WWUtilities. 

If your network is operated by an Independent Gas Transporter, for nonemergency enquiries please call GTC: 01359 240363 or visit 

Other Communications from National Grid GNCC (Gas National Control Centre): 

  • Gas Emergency (Gas Deficit Emergency or a Critical Transportation Emergency) 
  • Incidents i.e. Gas Explosion or Carbon Monoxide poisoning 

Should you receive notification of either the above, the telephone numbers are:  

+44 (0) 870 191 0644 or +44 (0) 1926 655 830 

Any of the above should be escalated via SMS to +44 (0)7837 525615 

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