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Where Does Our Pure Green Energy Come From?


11th March 2020

Where Does Our Pure Green Energy Come From?

Here at Yü Energy, we are delighted to support the growing number of customers who want to know where the energy that powers their business is coming from. It’s a great way to make a stand to save our planet for future generations and in turn, there’s also a powerful message to share with your own customers.

We believe there’s no better place for us to source our renewable energy from than right here in the UK, which is why we’re sourcing our green electricity from Carno Wind Farm in Wales, through our sourcing partner, Smartest Energy. It’s 100% green energy, traceable at source with a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin which confirms that your energy is sourced from renewable generation.

Once the Largest Wind Farm in Europe

The farm covers an area of over 600 hectares on Trannon Moor, a plateau to the west of the village of Carno in Mid Wales. Opened in October 1996, the site sits 400 metres (1,300 ft) above sea level and is now a well-established landmark within the local area.

Carno II is a 15.6MW onshore windfarm, part of the Carno windfarm consisting of three separate farms – Carno I, II and III. Our energy is coming from Carno II which has 12 1.3MW turbines and has been in operation since 2009.

Carno II Wind Farm produces enough energy to supply nearly 2000 micro businesses* with electricity for a year.

This energy could power around a quarter of our customers. We’re serious about finding clean, green energy for our customers, so challenge us to get more!

Giving Back to the Community

Carno Wind Farm offers everything we look for in a sustainable energy provider as not only is it backed by the OFGEM administered REGO scheme, a substantial amount of money is also invested back into the local community.

Their community benefit fund has helped a wide variety of local groups and organisations, with plans to continue to invest in local projects for the lifetime of the windfarm.

For more information about Carno Wind Farm or our Pure Green energy plan, call our team on 0115 975 8258.


*Based on average business electricity consumption UK, 2019 using 8,000 kWh per year


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