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Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Everything you need to understand your business electricity bill.

Your electricity bill has been designed so they’re easy to understand, however we understand this can be a little tricky.

1 Account Number –  Providing us with this number when you have a query, will help us find your account quicker.

2 Invoice period – The period of time in which you are being billed for.

3 Previous months invoice –  Highlighting any adjustments (default fees/ad hoc credits)/payments since your last monthly invoice.

4 Overview of this month’s invoices – Highlighting all additional charges as highlighted in your contract charges and VAT.

5 Total amount – This figure shows how much will be taken from your account (if a minus number is shown, your account is in credit).

6 Date your direct debit will be paid – This is the date your payment will come out of your account.

7 MPAN – This is your meter point administration number and can be used to uniquely identify your electricity supply points.

8 Contract end date – This is the point at which your contract will come to an end. Read more about closing your account.

9 Additional Charges


10 Consumption breakdown – The below highlights how we’ve calculated your energy charges for the invoice period.

Key for meter reads – The key shows what we’ve based your consumption on, for example the meter reads.

Reading key:

A = Actual

C = Customer

E = Estimate

Z = Smart

F = Final

I = Initial

11 Quantity – This shows your consumption for the period in which you are being charged.

12 Price – This shows the amount you are paying per kWh (pence).

13 Electricity charge – This is the amount you are paying for your energy before any other charges have been incurred, such as VAT.

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