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Managing New Connections For Your Business

A QUICK GUIDE TO NEW BUSINESS METER INSTALLATIONS. WHAT ARE NEW CONNECTIONS? From the initial supply request right through to receiving your first bill, the process of setting up an energy supply in a building can sometimes be a bit complicated. But at Yü Energy, we’ve made it quick and simple to get lights, camera … Continued

Customer Service Tips For SMEs

At Yü Energy, we pride ourselves on our speedy customer service and dedicated Relationship Manager for all our customers. We want to ensure our customers receive the best service from us, so we’re continuously looking at ways to keep them happy. Good customer service plays a huge role in small businesses, it helps them distinguish … Continued

A quick guide to energy theft – what is it and how to report it

WHAT IS ENERGY THEFT? Often referred to as “meter cheating”, energy theft involves tampering with a meter or its connections. Acts of meter tampering can create serious threats to public safety, with consumers using unsafe gas and electrical equipment, potentially exposing them to electric shocks, fires and in some extreme cases, explosions. Energy theft has … Continued