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How to Deal with Frozen Pipes in Winter

Winter is here, and the cold weather it brings could spell trouble for your water pipes! In cold weather, water pipes – especially those which are exposed to the elements – are at a threat of freezing and possibly bursting. But why does the cold weather cause water pipes to burst? And how can you … Continued

Deregulation Of The Water Market Is Helping Multi-Site Businesses

WHAT IS THE DEREGULATION OF THE BUSINESS WATER MARKET? The deregulation of the business water market in England happened on 1st April 2017, marking the largest change to the English water industry since its privatisation almost 30 years ago. Previously businesses didn’t have a choice on who supplied their business water, it was all based … Continued

Save Money On Your Business Water

Did you know that the average UK business uses 30% more water than it needs? Business water costs aren’t always a top priority for businesses, particularly in places that don’t have a shortage of water. However, environmental scientists have predicted that worldwide fresh water shortages will be one of the world’s biggest environmental concerns in … Continued