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Benefits of Installing EV Charging Points In Your Business

Electric vehicles (or EVs) are becoming an increasingly prominent fixture in our transport system. By February 2019, there were approximately 195,000 EVs registered in the UK, and this is only set to increase. The National Grid have consistently increased their expectations for the number of electric vehicles on our roads each year, they now anticipate … Continued

Workplace Charging Scheme Guide

The UK government is taking steps to enable a massive roll out of infrastructure to support the growth of electric vehicles (EVs). They have set out the ‘Road to Zero’ strategy with the aim to create ‘one of the best EV infrastructure networks in the world’. Although the number of destination charging stations is slowly … Continued

Smart VS AMR Meters: What Is The Difference?

Advances in metering and energy technology has taken leaps and bounds over the last few years, meaning manual meter reads and estimated bills are becoming a thing of the past. Many businesses already have an AMR meter, but what is the difference between this and the new AMR smart meter? First, we’ll look at what … Continued