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Additional Account Charges

If your account has an overdue payment, we will contact you to come to an agreement and collect your outstanding balance.

Failure to come to an agreement and pay your outstanding balance may result in additional charges at each stage of the process, as detailed below:

Dunning Letter 2 & 3: £30

Dunning Letter 4: £110

Warrant Enforcement Fee: £750 + ancillary costs (Warrant costs exclusive of Distribution Network Operators and associated industry costs)

Direct Debit Cancellation Fee: £30

Variable Fee: 8% uplift of the outstanding balance for energy consumption not including VAT of balance (applied concurrently with dunning letter 2)

Change of Tenancy Fees: £300 (if contract end date is less than 6 months), £550 (if contract end date is greater than 6 months)

Meter Reconnection Fees: To be reconnected, you must pay your outstanding balance in full as well as a 3-month Security Deposit.

BAC’s Fee: £20 per calendar month

Pre-start Contract Termination Fee: £420 (inc VAT)

Cancelled Metering Visits: £250

Debt Resolution Visit (and all subsequent visits): £144 (inc VAT)

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