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Business Water Plans & Tariffs

A simple all-inclusive fixed price for your business water.

Business water at a simple all-inclusive fixed price


A simple, transparent business water plan that reflects the current wholesale price plus a fixed service fee. Available to businesses in England, supplied with water (annual usage under 5,000 cubic metres) and sewerage services from an existing water retail company. Available to businesses in Wales, who use more than 50,000 cubic metres per year (only the water supply can be switched).

Wholesale water costs will change as of April 1st each year. The prices are regulated by Ofwat and may go up or down. All consumers within the relevant Wholesalers area of supply will be impacted in the same way by the change.

Water and Wastewater

Supplying clean and safe water to businesses with wastewater and sewerage provided as standard.

Water, Wastewater and Trade Effluent

Supplying clean and safe water to businesses with wastewater and sewerage provided as standard. Safe and compliant management of trade effluent, protecting sewerage systems and the wider environment.


Our Freedom plan provides a flexible business water plan solution with a 30-day notice period if you wish to leave. Prices are fixed and are reviewed periodically. We’ll email you in advance to let you know the latest Freedom rates and advise you of any changes. You can choose to move to one of our fixed term contracts at any time. For businesses who require the ability and freedom to move their water supply at short notice.

Micro-business plan renewals

If you’re a micro-business, when your Cost Plus Water Plan comes to an end, and if we haven’t heard from you, you’ll move to our Freedom Water Plan. We’ll let you know the latest Freedom Plan rates in advance of your renewal date. With our Freedom Plan your business simply needs to give 30 days written notice and clear any outstanding balance to change supplier or, if the time is right for you, agree a new Cost Plus Water Plan.

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