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Extended Supply Period

What is the Extended Supply Period?

Extended Supply Period is defined as ‘a period of 12 months following the expiry of the Agreed Supply Period during which the Extended Supply rates will apply for Non-Micro Businesses’.

These rates will not apply for Micro Businesses. Instead, Freedom Rates will apply (unless another arrangement is agreed).

The Extended Supply Period ensures an uninterrupted energy supply to your business premises following the expiry of your contract and is designed to protect you from higher Out of Contract Rates.


How can you avoid being placed on Extended Supply Period Rates?

To avoid being placed on Extended Supply Period Rates, you must act before the expiry of your Agreed Supply Period, by beginning a new contract or by terminating your contract 30 days in advance of the contract end date.

If we receive notice of termination before the end of your Agreed Supply Period contract, you will not be placed on Extended Supply Period Rates.

If you wish to renew your existing contract with us, this can be done before your existing contract expires, and your new contract will begin the day following your expiry date.


What are the rules surrounding the Extended Supply Period?

We will give you 60 days’ notice before your contract ends. This will give you time to decide whether you’d like to renew or terminate your contract. To terminate your existing contract, you must give us 30 days’ notice in writing before the contract’s expiry date.


What do I need to do after being placed on the Extended Supply Period Rates?

You do not need to do anything; the ESP rates will be applied to your account automatically and your new bills will reflect this change. We will not extend your supply period for more than 12 months. After the 12-month mark you will be placed on our out-of-contract rates and will be free to leave after providing us with 30 days’ notice of termination in writing.


How do I terminate my Extended Supply Period?

If you are a non-micro business, you can only terminate your Extended Supply Period after the 12-month period has passed. This can be done by sending us notice of termination 30 days before the end of the 12 months of your Extended Supply Period rates.


Extended Supply Period for Micro-businesses

Micro-businesses will not be placed on Extended Supply Period rates. After the expiry of your Agreed Supply Period, you will be placed on Out of Contract rates and will be free to leave providing you have no outstanding debt on your account.


What qualifies you as a micro-business?

  • If you have fewer than 10 employees and your yearly turnover, or yearly balance sheet, is not more than €2 million; And/or:
  • If you use less than 100,000 kWh of electricity a year (for an electricity contract)
  • If you use less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year (for a gas contract)

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